GoFundMe crowdfunder for GO4

GO4 has a crowd-funder live on the GoFundme platform. You can donate now by visiting this link.

Street homelessness is rising, so we started a Breakfast and hot meal scheme with our customers and supporters  (September 2016) donating £5 for a voucher, it caught on.

We realise this doesn’t fix the problem so we also are now talking to other agencies about acquiring and converting a bus for emergency accommodation, utilising a community facility for showering and night time cafe.

We require on-going funding for the Breakfast scheme and also to initiate the Bus programme.

Currently, we operate free from grants and purely on our commercial interests and patronage of our customers. Please support us as we attempt to significantly reduce the sight of people sleeping in doorways, car parks, tents in and around Colchester.

The Bus Project needs to dovetail with existing provisions, not duplicating or competing with.

For this to get off the ground and to maintain our PayItForward scheme we need your support.

Help spread the word!