GO4 Enterprises is a Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company based in Colchester, Essex. It has grown significantly since being established in 2010, opening a cafe and indoor market in May 2013 and securing grounds maintenance contracts with Colne Housing soon after. Sadly, for reasons out side our control, we no longer work with Colne Housing. We have also ended our lease of Trinity Church, again for reasons beyond our control. You can read our statement below for further information.

GO4 Enterprises works with voluntary sector organisations, charities, community groups, Jobcentres, Probation Service, local authorities, churches and businesses. Although the majority of the Directors are Christians, GO4 works with anyone irrespective of their background and seeks to support anyone who is unemployed and seeking to develop personally, improve their skills and overcome disadvantages they experience.



GO4 Enterprises has decided to withdraw from Holy Trinity Church. The decision, based on commercial considerations, revenue and cash flow projections, was taken after much deliberation by the Directors of GO4.

We thank the Council for allowing us the opportunity to attempt to establish a self-sustaining and vibrant Social Enterprise in one of Colchester’s iconic buildings, and for a good working relationship.

In order to stay we have recently consulted various agencies across the town, including Architect, Quantity Surveyor, CCVS, CBC representatives, Church Commissioners, Town Centre Minister, as well as having previous conversations with other groups (e.g. Fresh Beginnings, DNA Networks, Beacon House) that share a common vision to work with marginalized people.

GO4 has been unable to forge any partnerships in sharing or taking over the commitment of refurbishing Holy Trinity Church in order for it to be continued to be used for social/community/charitable aims.

We wish the Council well in finding alternative tenants who could undertake the substantial commitment of improving the building.

At the end of August, all our activities including the Pay It Forward scheme will transfer to our other café at Old Heath Recreation Park, whilst we explore other opportunities within Colchester and also out of the borough. We thank our customers, staff, volunteers, past and present, for their hard work and incredible support over 4.5 years


GO4 was born out of Frontier Youth Trusts Out4Good project and is a response to the number of young people locally who are not in work, training or education and perhaps through a disadvantaged background  have little prospect of gaining work. Currently there are 300 NEETs in Colchester (5.2% of young people aged 16 to 19).

The experience of organisations like Frontier Youth Trust, a charity that has engaged with marginalised young people for many years, shows that opportunities for young people not in education, employment or training have been significantly reduced, resulting in the likelihood that some disaffected young people will get involved in substance abuse, and even, criminal activity.

In the present economic climate,  975,000 young people aged 16-24 are unemployed and not in training or education, 13.5% of people in this age group. 80% of young adult offenders re-offend within 2-3 years of release from prison, and most of those will cite the lack of employment as a major reason for offending.

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Mission Statement:


No more NEETs.

To create volunteering, work experience, training and employment opportunities for unemployed people whilst providing quality support and help to increase their skills, employability and well-being.

• We believe in people
• We believe people have the right to live their lives to their full potential
• We believe everyone has the right to training and employment that provides them with the opportunities for personal and social development, as well as their economic well-being
• We believe in quality services that benefit the community as a whole whilst protecting the environment

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