Support GO4

The primary aim of GO4 Enterprises is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of work opportunities for young people not in employment education or training.

”GO4 Enterprises is designed primarily to advance the social and market power of young people not in employment, education, or training who are disadvantaged by various instances of state and market failure”.

As well as seeking grant funding and donations, we are also generating  financial support by selling shares in Go4 Enterprises CIC at £50 per share. This is an immediate way in which you can assist young people into work,  and take a share in the ownership of the Go4 project.

To generate regular income, we are looking for customers, both residential and business,  who would be prepared to contract with Go4 Enterprises for a service such as gardening, painting, decorating, white goods repair,  or pet sitting. Contracts can range from a single day’s work to regular monthly visits to full-time engagement.

We are also  building a database of employers who agree with our ethos and who would be interested in using young people in their businesses.  This could be a large corporation or self-employed tradesmen.

We provide ongoing support, mentoring, training to young individuals whilst they are preparing for long term employment, and this will continue when they are in the workplace.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please do get in touch. We can provide volunteering opportunities in the cafe. We greatly value the contribution volunteers make to our organisation.